Reliable, affordable, non-invasive leak detection

We provide sewer and drain leak detection without destruction to keep repair costs to a minimum.
Your property may require professional leak detection if you’re experiencing the following symptoms…

Backed-up sewer line / fowl sewer odor
Overgrown patch of grass in the yard
Cracked sewer lateral
Bellied drain line
Separated lateral joint
Debris blockage
Root intrusion
Leaking pipe joints
Deteriorated piping materials

Our affordable expert leak detection methods will reveal both, the depth and the exact location of the leak.
The goal is to not only minimize your cost to repair the leak, but determine what may have caused it as well.
Our detection will identify both depth and exact location of the leak non-invasively, helping to keep your repair costs at a minimum.

Contact our experts at 530 Leak Detection right away if you suspect a leak on your property.